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POLCALC 3rd GEN granulated calcium lime (big-bag) – natural, effective and soil-friendly

Polcalc 3rd GEN is a highly reactive lime fertilizer designed to rapidly raise the pH of the soil and provide plants with calcium. The product consists of granulated Jurassic limestone powder – total calcium 52% CaO (type 04 according to the Regulation of the Minister of Economy of 8 September 2010).

Why you should use our product:

Effective, efficient and one of the best fertilizers on the market for soil deacidification

Works immediately and effectively raises soil pH

Environmentally-friendly fertilizer, holds a Certificate of Qualification for Use in Organic Farming issued by the IUNG Institute in Puławy

Supports development of plants and significantly improves the quality of the soil

Technical parameters:

Chemical parameters:
Content of calcium carbonate in dry matter CaO:
Water content:
7% +- 2%
Total reactivity:
Neutralising value:
Physical parameters:
Powder fraction:
45% below 20 microns; 85% below 90 microns
Particle size:
2mm to 6mm

Product characteristics

Product features

Trade name: Polcalc 3rd Gen

Synonym: Granulated lime fertilizer

Chemical name: Calcium carbonate

POLCALC 3rd GEN granulated calcium lime is a highly reactive fertilizer with the highest deacidification parameters, which is extremely soluble in water. It is a product of specialized processing and is PFC-2 classified according to the classification published in the Regulation (EU) 2019/1009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 June 2019. CE fertilizer is characterized by a higher conversion content of calcium oxide, which is 52% CaO in dry matter. The fertilizer also consists of compounds of silicon, magnesium, molybdenum and iron.


Like other granular fertilizers, the product should be sown using standard agricultural spreaders. This product is also ideal for top liming. The product has deacidification properties concentrated in a small dose for a specific crop. The product should be sown as top dressing, after sowing or before sowing before a seed drill. Do not sow the granules before ploughing, it is not recommended to mix the product with the soil. Instead, apply it on top of a levelled field and leave the granules to decompose and seep into the humus together with the rainwater. The product is ideally suited for use on grasslands, significantly increasing their efficiency. The product works perfectly with urea on grasslands, doubling its efficiency.


The dosing size is specified in the POLCALC SYSTEM CROP LIMING TABLE. For most of the crops and soils in Poland, the doses range from 500 kg to 1000 kg per hectare, depending on the acidity of the soil and its quality. The better the soil, the greater the needs.

Mixing with other fertilizers

The granulated product can be safely mixed with other granulated fertilizers and other (powdered) fertilizers, except for ammonium nitrate, manure, (granulated) ammonium phosphate, (powdered) ammonium sulphate and Super Phosphate (powdered). When used with the aforementioned artificial fertilizers at least a two weeks interval should be observed, and when used with manure at least 4 weeks interval should be observed. Mixing means spreading the fertilizer at one time, not mixing in the spreader chamber. Polcalc 3rd Gen fertilizer should not be mixed with any fertilizer in the spreader chamber.

Packaging and storage

The CE Polcalc 3rd Gen fertilizer is packed in a 500 kg big bag with a moisture-protecting inner liner. Store in a dry and ventilated place under a roof. Protect against precipitation.

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