Bi calc + 25kg


With the addition of three Bacillus genus bacteria
Calcium carbonate CaCO3 95% Reactivity 100%

  • immediate and long term effect
  • washing out preventing formula
  • improvement of soil sorption properties
  • regulation of the soil pH
  • regulation of soil buffer properties
  • soil fertilization
  • providing plant with nutrients stored in the soil
  • improvement of organic residue decomposition processes
  • preventing physiological diseases in plants
  • improvement of soil phytosanitary status
  • beneficial influence on growth and health of plants
  • higher and better quality yields
  • preventing negative effects of drought

About the product:

Bi calc+ is a highly reactive granulated carbonate lime with the addition of Bacillus sp. bacteria. The product combines the advantages of the Polcalc of the 3rd Generation fertilizer with rich content of active bacteria stimulating humification processes (humus formation).


Phase 1.

Regulation of the soil pH level.

The specific geology of Poland determines that the majority of soils in our country are acidified and have serious calcium deficiencies. This element is necessary to regulate the pH level of the soil and has many unique nutritional and regulatory properties concerning the soil. The right soil pH determines, among other things, the possibility of obtaining nutrients by plants. Abnormal pH of the soil blocks and reduces the absorption of nutrients by plants and increases the mobility of harmful heavy metals. Inadequate acidity of the soil (pH below 5.5) associated with calcium deficit causes, among other things, toxins to permeate into plants. Even slight acidification of the soil causes clay minerals, which are the smallest components of the soil, not to form a proper lumpy structure, but to become mobile and as a result, the soil lumps break down.

The first phase includes the process of regulation of pH level of the soil and activation of the minerals in the humus, such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, zinc, sodium, iron and manganese by the granulated bi calc+ lime. Soil with normal pH level has a greater ability to store nutrients in a form that is assimilable for plants, has a better lumpy structure, its ability to store water is much more efficient, it is easier to cultivate and most importantly, its fertility is improved.

Phase 2.

Micro organic soil activation.

The regulation of the soil pH activates the microbiological agent of the fertilizer bi calc+. These are unique bacteria – Bacillus Species. Their influence might be compared to the function of leukocytes in blood; they create optimal conditions for the functioning of microbial organisms living in the soil. These bacteria accelerate the decomposition of organic substances and directly affect the processes of nitrification (transformation of ammonia into nitrite) and humification (humus formation).

In this phase, beneficial Bacillus Species bacteria produce natural antibiotics, reduce the occurrence of pathogens, increase the natural resistance of plants and improve the availability of the nutrients. This leads to increased plant growth.

The unique technology of production of bi calc+ fertilizer guarantees the highest possible survival of Bacillus Species bacteria.

Product specifications

  • Calcium content as CaO:
    at least 45% (m/m)
  • The content of bacteria of the genus Bacillus sp .:
    at least 200/106 JTK / 1g of the product
  • Variety of fertilizer lime:
  • Grain size:
    2-8 mm
  • Reactivity:

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