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At the very beginning, in 2009, we had neither great capital nor support from the foreign parent company. Instead, we had an idea, a clear vision and a strong motivation to build a company in Poland that would quickly gain a dominant position on the domestic calcium fertilizer market. At that time, we were lacking only one – a modern production plant allowing to combine high efficiency with the highest quality product.

The process of building the production plant started with choosing the right place. After long analyses, our choice fell on the industrial zone in Lubień Kujawski. The beginnings were not easy, the construction site was simply a nice meadow in the Kujawy region. Step by step, mostly on our own, we started to erect the frames of our first factory.

At the same time, intensive laboratory and implementation work was carried out. We searched for the best raw materials available in Poland, optimal technological recipes, and at the same time, we worked on their application in mass production.

The year 2013 is a great turning point in the current activity of the Company. It was then that we introduced POLCALC OF THE 3RD GENERATION for the first time on the market – a unique liming preparation of granular structure. There is no doubt that POLCALC OF THE 3RD GENERATION turned out to be a proverbial bull’s eye. Today, in Lubień Kujawski, we produce about 200 thousand tons of this product annually, which places our Company in the position of the leader in the granulated lime market in Poland.

The next milestone was completed in 2018. The company obtained a worthy seat in a historic building at 82/84 Sienkiewicza Street in Łódź. Our offices have been cleverly designed to combine modernity with the former style of the textile factory of the Winkler, Gartner and Borman joint-stock company. At the same time, we have completed the investment process on the previously owned, more than three-hectare plot in Lubień Kujawski. Over the past decade, two production buildings with ultra-modern granulation lines, a workshop and production building and numerous storage facilities were built there. It is the most modern and efficient complex of this kind in the whole of Central Europe.

Of course, this is not the end of our Company’s history. The following years will write new chapters in it. We do not lack ideas, challenges and determination. From here, where we are now, we look back with satisfaction and forward with hope.

  • All the parameters of our products (chemical composition, reactivity, etc.) are confirmed by the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation of the National Research Institute in Puławy.
  • We can boast the best quality of our raw material, its excellent chemical structure (98% CaCO3), but also high physical properties – the product is crushed to a fraction of 0.02 mm (over 50% of the weight of the raw material is less than 20 microns). Polcalc Sp. z o.o. is the only company in Poland that produces granulate from such a finely ground lime flour.
  • We have the Ecological Certificate of the IUNG in Puławy, which allows us to use our products in organic farming.
  • We conduct a number of research in experimental fields (e.g. at the University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz) to continuously improve our products. We are the only one in Poland to boast of the results of such research.
  • We have developed an innovative method of combining lime flour without a binder, which guarantees the total solubility of the granules in the soil.
  • As a few of us, we conduct the necessary agricultural consulting in the field of agrotechnology, in terms of liming, soil research in terms of the abundance of lime and the academy of conscious liming.
  • Our product is a stable granule with appropriate parameters (2-8 mm), which allows for an even distribution of fertilizer.
  • Our fertilizers are 100% reactive, which means that the product is completely absorbed by the soil and plants.
  • Polcalc fertilizers can be applied pre-sowing and for top dressing, which allows the product to be applied all year round and does not require mixing with soil.
  • Each big bag is packed with the utmost care and has a very precise seeding instruction.

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Trade Department:
  880 880 801   polcalc@polcalc.pl

Lime Fertilizer Production Plant
Kaliska, ul. Przemysłowa 6, 87-840 Lubień Kujawski

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