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granulated chalk, granulated lime 98% . Reactivity 100%

Intensive research works carried out by POLCALC employees allowed to fully recognize the consumers needs – both owners of not large family farms and large-scale growers. The answer to their questions is technologically innovative formula of POLCALC OF THE 3RD GENERATION granulated lime fertiliser. Its production is based on highly reactive ground limestone that occurred due to limestone transformations. Owing to its maximum crumbling, granulated chalk can produce a rapid effect visible as early as the first season of application.

Chemical and physical properties of granulated lime POLCALC OF THE 3RD GENERATION ensure gaining optimal usable traits. They combine simplicity of application with a wide range of their advantages. In other words, ease and simplicity of spreading perfectly complement the high quality and reactivity of the product. Soil deacidification, its protection from pH decrease and providing plants with calcium have never been so easy before!

A few words about POLCALC OF THE 3RD GENERATION granulated fertiliser

Lime chalk is the youngest variant of dense limestone found in Poland. Its physical properties allow the maximum crumbling of the raw material. The size of single grains does not exceed few microns. In a consequence of an extremely complex but ecological process of production these single micro-molecules are bound in tiny granules. Due to this their spreading is very easy, like other granulated fertilisers. High reactivity of the preparation causes that in moisture soil environment they quickly disintegrate and release beneficial calcium. It universally influences the soil environment and crops. On the one hand, soil acidification is regulated in this way, what influences on suppression of toxic chemicals absorption such as toxic aluminium; on the other hand – the preparation is an excellent source of calcium for plants. Easiness of its absorption by crops results from, above mentioned, extreme crumbling of the raw material. Both aspects of POLCALC OF THE 3RD GENERATION application are intended to optimize plants growth what directly results in the quality and quantity of crop.

Why is Polcalc the best lime fertiliser on the market?

Firstly, owing to experience and a number of experiments we gained practical advantage in comparison with the competition. We know how to use our product to gain the desired effect of optimal pH at possibly low costs. We share this knowledge with recipients of our products – each package contains detailed instructions. Our product is safe and ecologic – we definitely recommend to use it as top-dressing and for grasslands. Effects of liming with the use of our product are the most long-lasting of all available preparations of this type on the market! Some available on the market products at the same price mislead the farmers about the quality, saying nothing about the most important quantitative parameter of lime fertilisers which is the degree of the raw material crumbling. On the market there are products at the same price which in their mass contain even 90% of insoluble and useless in terms of agriculture fractions. As it is easy to calculate, one ton of our product can replace 10 tons of such encapsulated stone. Very popular in Poland is granulated fertiliser with magnesium of a known and big producer which can be spread very well but, unfortunately, this is the end of its application advantages. Non-crumbled dolomite of which it is produced will never dissolve and react with other with acids – and gypsum that is added to encourage the farmer about the sulphur content is completely agriculturally useless. Therefore, it is important for the farmer to estimate the value of the offered fertiliser. Owing to our advice you will gain knowledge due to which you will not be deceived when buying pseudo-fertilisers. Trust the experts! Enjoy reading in questions and answers bookmark and see the detailed instructions for use

POLCALC OF THE 3RD GENERATION, to nie is not only a specific antidote for exhausted with intensive cultivation soil, it is also an intensive calcium nutrient! Combination of these elements allows to:

  • regulate and maintain the proper acidification degree (pH),
  • neutralize harmful effects of toxic chemicals,
  • optimize provision with water and beneficial rare elements,
  • improve bacterial flora functioning,
  • improve physical structure of soil (its cloddishness).

An important advantage of POLCALC OF THE 3RD GENERATION is also easiness of its application. Let us note that:

  • granulated structure of the fertiliser makes its spreading easy. This considerably increases accuracy of agrotechnical interventions. The dosage of the fertiliser in this form is not only convenient – first of all it is cheaper. It requires less effort and funds, what is the farmer`s profit.
  • the preparation is especially useful in realisation of intelligent programmes of soil environment management. Owing to our experts, a specialised laboratory and knowledge based on the best experience of growers from France and Germany we offer help in creating individual programmes of soil and crop supplying with calcium.
  • the fertiliser is sold at a competitive price, characterized by the best relation between costs and unique quality. Western imported equivalents are even twice as expensive! Polish equivalents are often products based on stone encapsulating method, and not real granulation.