Acidification is still relevant

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Despite the intensive promotion of knowledge about fertilization, especially liming, soil acidification in Poland is still a current issue. The best evidence of this is the results of successive editions of the „Grunt to Wiedza” program by the Azoty Group, as well as research by IUNG-BIP in Puławy. Below, we present the current pH map of Polish soils according to IUNG and the same map based on the results of the „Grunt to Wiedza” program. Immediate liming to raise pH is required for 40% of all agricultural land, while nearly 60% of soils require liming. The situation in individual regions is very diverse, but this does not change the fact that the liming of soils should be the basis of fertilization in a vast number of Polish farms. It is even more surprising that so few farmers still perform paid soil analyses at District Chemical-Agricultural Stations. Conducting such an analysis can provide us not only with dry information about the pH of submitted soil samples but also a range of other information, such as an assessment of liming needs or fertilization recommendations.

Fig. 1 pH Soil Map according to IUNG Puławy.

Fig. 2 Soil pH Map based on the „Grunt to Wiedza” program by the Azoty Group.

Soil pH affects, among other things, the development and colonization of soils by the microflora, sorption capacities, the availability of nutrients, the ease of their uptake by plants, phytotoxicity of heavy metals, the durability of soil structure, and water-air relations in soil. Calcium plays an important role both in plant life and in shaping the physicochemical properties of the soil. We remind you of this because the harvest is approaching, and the post-harvest period until late autumn is a good time to carry out liming. It is worth considering now what lime we will use and how to procure it. Information about the distribution network of our product can be found in the „Distribution” tab, but above all, we warmly encourage you to contact our Regional Advisors, who will not only advise on fertilization but also direct you to the best distributor.



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