Briefly about the product: Polcalc of the 3rd generation is a highly reactive lime fertiliser intended for effective soil pH increasing and soil supplying with calcium. In 92-98% it consists of lime powder of chalk, carbonate- CaCO3 (type 04*) provenance. The powder is specially crushed to a size of below 90 microns what considerably hastens reactivity of the product and allows to achieve optimal conditions as early as the first application season. This fertiliser does not contain toxic heavy metals such as lead and cadmium according to a norm defined in an act of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development from 2004 (Dz. U. z 2004 r., nr 236, poz. 2369). As the only product on the market it does not contain admixture of cements or binders due to which it rapidly decomposes, especially when applied on the surface.

Application: The product should be spread like other granulated fertilisers with the use of standard agricultural distributors. The product is also suitable for late top dressing liming. The product had deacidifying properties concentrated in a small dose under a certain crop. The product should be spread as top dressing, pre-sowing or post-sowing under an aggregate. It should not be spread under the ploughing – mixing with soil is inadvisable – it is better to distribute it on a levelled surface and leave the granulate to decompose and infiltrate into humus with rainwater. The product is perfectly suitable for grasslands considerably increasing their productivity.

Time of spreading: Depending on a plant type the product should be spread according to the TABLE OF CROP LIMING IN POLCALC SYSTEM. The most convenient time of spreading is spring (pre-sowing and top dressing) and autumn till winter (postharvest and pre-sowing). It is safe to be applied in winter on winter crops and generally on plants in the phase of growth – it surely will not “burn” the plants because is produced of mineral ecologic mass in 100%.

Dosage: The dose rates are defined in the TABLE OF CROP LIMING IN POLCALC SYSTEM. For most crops and soils in Poland the dosage is from 500 to 1000 kg per hectare depending on the soil acidification and quality. The better quality soil, the greater needs.

Mixing with other fertilisers: Granulated product may be safely mixed with other granulated fertilisers or other fertilisers (powdery, liquid, etc.) except: ammonium nitrate, manure, ammonium phosphate (granulated), ammonium sulphate (powdery) and Super Fosfat (powdery). Application of granulated lime with above mentioned artificial fertilisers should be preceded by  a time interval of minimum two weeks, and with manure – minimum 4 weeks. Fertilisers mixing means spreading in one time, not mixing in a compartment of a spreader. Polcalc of the 3rd generation should not be mixed with any fertiliser in a compartment of spreader.

Top dressing liming: That is so-called crop-saving liming. When we observe irregular growth, yellowing, excessive plant diseases or suppression of development, the reason is the soil acidification. Our product, as the only on the market, is perfectly suitable for top-dressing and local use because it does not contain cements admixture which delay the granules decomposing even by a year. There is no need to spread the granulate on the whole crop area. The fertiliser can be applied only on places with visible pathology which appear just in the growth and vegetation phases.

Granulated lime – dosage:


Table of crop liming in POLCALC system