The Company`s head office in Sienkiewicza Street in Lodz


The company was established in 2009 in Łódź. The head office is located in Sienkiewicza 82/84 street. Here also a specialist research laboratory was established in which specialists lab assistants work. The objective of the lab functioning is to work out and implement innovative methods of fertilising, mainly for the purposes of the production centre, and constant quality control of POLCALC products.

Calcium Fertilisers Production Centre in Lubień Kujawski


POLCALC Calcium Fertilisers Production Centre

In the area of former airport in Lubień Kujawski a production centre was established where specialised granulated fertiliser is produced. The construction of the centre began in 2010, and two years later production of high-class specialised fertiliser POLCALC OF THE 3RD GENERATION started. At present, this is the only centre that produces granulated lime of such class in Poland. The centre produces 200 thousand tons of granulate yearly for the domestic and European markets. Localisation of the centre was determined by closeness to the main road junctions of motorways A1 and A2 as well as vast agricultural areas surroundings.